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Aeration Products – Manufacture, Supply, Install, Operate & Maintain

Mercater has developed its own centrifugal aerator. The Aerator operates by accelerating a jet of wastewater downwards at the surface and into a ‘venturi tube’. Fluid velocity at the venturi tube mouth induces air into the mixed liquor. The turbulent air is broken into fine bubbles and distributed to the base of the reactor and dispersed amongst the mixed liquor.

Advantages of Mercater Aerators

Dynamically balanced auger shaft and flutes. Quiet drive mechanism by electrical soft starts. Reduction in the flat surfaces presented to reduce dirt ledges. Direct drive awarding no belts or pulley maintenance. Removable top access plate so augers can be removed directly from the reactor rather than having to removed the total frame involving crane or similar expensive lifting equipment.

These advantages enhance the life of the equipment, reduce noise levels and prevent vibration tendencies.

Electrically Operated Decanters (EOD)

The Mercater Electrically Operated Decanter (EOD) system is a simple idea with only one moving part. It is ideal for use in intermittent extended aeration plants. The low voltage actuator drives a rotary valve to cause the stilled treated effluent to flow by gravity to a contact balance tank or direct to lagoons. Decant start and decant stop are positive and not reliant on air locks type system which can fail by leakage over time.

Effluent Reuse Systems – Design, Construct, Operate & Maintain

Our plants can meet the stringent requirements for biological oxygen demand (BOD), nutrient and suspended solids removal and disinfection control, as required by controlling bodies such as Department of Health (DofH) and Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA). We have extensive knowledge of package treatment plants including filtration (membrane and mixed media), chlorination and UV disinfection. We also have the capability of providing the associated irrigation or delivery systems including pump stations, piping networks, irrigation disposal systems, etc.

Sludge Thickening Install, Operate & Maintain

Controls of biosolids reuse are becoming increasingly more important. Mercater can provide processes that treat biosolids and provide opportunities for beneficial reuse. We provide traditional methods of thickening and dewatering including:

Mechanical Dewatering – including belt filter presses, centrifuges, etc.

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