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What we do

We offer design, construction, installation and commissioning of wastewater treatment plants. These include:

  • Sewage Treatment Plants (Design & Construction) Package Plants from 100 Equivalent People (EP), for example small hotels and nursing homes, up to 10,000 EP, e.g. towns and municipal councils.

  • Treatment Plants using an activated sludge process with Biological Nitrogen Removal (BNR) by Intermittently Decanted Extended Aeration (IDEA) process. Additional Nutrient removal, if required, can be achieved with chemical dosing. Treatment plants have adjustable control parameters so energy usage can be minimised by matching the treatment profile requirements. By changing the treatment plant, occupation levels can be accommodated i.e., from summer holiday periods to winter and areas were there is an influx of people during weekend periods.

  • Effluent Reuse Systems using filtration, disinfection and distribution. Disinfection is by chlorination and/or UV disinfection. Water reuse designs for above and below ground associated with treated effluent.

  • Sludge Thickening / Reuse Aerobic digestion, mechanical dewatering and construction of thickening tanks.

  • Process Monitoring Ongoing monitoring of new and existing plants by remote monitoring and site service visits. Providing service and spare parts. Ongoing support with operation and Maintenance.

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